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Studio Policies


Cancellation Policy

I require 24 hours notice when canceling your voice lesson for any reason. Students/parents will be expected to contact me via email, text or call 24 hours in advance of a cancelled lesson. Once you have paid your tuition and scheduled your lesson time, it is held just for you. In cases where a student provides more than 24 hours notice of cancellation I will make every effort to make up that lesson. Last minute emergency cancellations do happen and in those cases, we will try and arrange for a makeup lesson during a ‘catch-up’ day or at a mutually convenient time.

If a student/parent is aware of a future absence within the month, please notify me so that other students waiting for lessons/makeup may take advantage of the open slot. Be sure to check your schedule for upcoming rehearsals, performances, vacations, and other activities that will conflict with your lesson slot in future weeks and months.

Students are expected to arrive or log in on time for online and in person lessons. If delayed, please text your ETA and the lesson may have to end on time regardless of your arrival time. At times the when we are on an online platform, technical difficulties do occur. In these cases I may start your lesson just a few minutes late, but will always let you know via text, and I will honor the entire lesson time.

Teacher Absence

In the event that I must cancel a lesson for any reason, I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible. and your lesson will be made up either during a ‘catch-up’ day or at a mutually convenient time.


Inclement weather

If there is inclement weather and you feel you cannot safely attend your lesson or your school is cancelled, we can keep your regular lesson time via Zoom and not miss a beat.

Drop-in Lessons

This option can be used if you are unable to commit to a weekly lesson time and are scheduled as availability allows. Students booking single lessons: payment is due upon booking each lesson to confirm. Cancellations must be given 24 hours in advance before the scheduled lesson in order to avoid the fee for the missed session. Just like buying a ticket to a concert, if you do not show up or if you have to cancel on the same day - you will still be charged and can not be refunded.   

Discontinuing Lessons

If you decide that you are unable to continue lessons, I ask that you give at least one-month notice. 

  • Please have a binder to keep your music hole punched and organized.

  • Before you begin your lesson please have any sheet music and any accompaniment tracks ready to go so you don’t have to search for it during our time together. If I do not have the specific music in my studio to a song you are working on, you will be responsible for the fee to purchase the sheet music. 

  • Mirror or hand mirror nearby.

  • Please have water available.

  • A computer/laptop (if possible) rather than a tablet or phone with a good WiFi connection is very important. The strength of your WiFi signal makes a significant difference in the success of your lesson. The closer you can be to a router  the better.

  • A second audio device for playing your accompaniment/karaoke track on (phone or tablet)

  • A way of stabilizing your device

Optional Equipment

  • A headset with a microphone, or a USB microphone with a pop filter, music stand if possible (not mandatory)

  • Headsets and microphones can be wonderful for capturing the sound of your voice. For the best audio during your singing lesson, consider a USB microphone with pop filter. A USB microphone will connect directly to your laptop or computer. (But certainly not necessary).


Your Online Voice Lesson Camera Setup

  • Place your camera directly in front of you at eye level about arm’s length away. This helps me clearly see what you are doing with your breathing, face, neck, jaw, and shoulders. Position your camera so that I can see your head and upper torso. This will allow me to see more of your posture, too.

  • Do your best to ensure that your lesson space is distraction-free, to get the most out of your singing lesson.


*For pricing information, please use the Contact Form and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

If you would like more immediate information, please call: 917-579-6152

  • All member monthly tuition fees are paid in advance and are due at the first lesson of each 4 week session via Cash, Venmo or Zelle. When a particular month has 5 weeks we will adjust accordingly. Tuition includes your exclusive use of my time and expertise for your lesson. It also includes my daily preparation time and certain in-studio expenses. No refunds or credits will be given after the second lesson of the term.


  • I offer weekly "drop in" lessons which must be scheduled by contacting the studio. These lessons must be paid for BEFORE each lesson begins. Drop In lessons are full price.


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